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Melissa Stanz
If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough. Meister Eckhart


My Vision

To help businesses and nonprofits get clear and move forward so they can increase revenues, profits, or contributions.

What I Value

People get the best work from me when the chemistry is right so it makes sense to tell you what I value.

Work should be fun.

I work hard, but I love what I do. I have fun learning about people, creating plans, writing, connecting people, and even revising things. 

Excellence is standard operating procedure.

My clients get my very best. Period.

Downtime is critical.

Time off refreshes my creativity; it’s what keeps me sane and fresh and fuels my imagination. 

Profit is not a four-letter word!

My guess is that you also work to make money. Money allows me (and you) to take care of our families, to contribute to worthy causes, to let go and fly once in awhile. 

So What Makes Me Different?

These three things set me apart as a marketing consultant and content writer.

  • My unique experience in the marketing and communications arenas-two decades of corporate expertise with a couple of Fortune 100 companies, managing marketing communications, PR, advertising, and a splash of Human Resources management.
  • More than a decade as a small business owner, loving my craft and learning a TON about things businesses need to know, including persistence, having faith, financial realities, and flexibility.
  • An uncommon ability to connect with people and get to the core of what’s important. It all begins with listening.