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Melissa Stanz
If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough. Meister Eckhart

My Path

melissa-stanzAfter graduating from THE University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) with a bachelors and masters degree in advertising/public relations, I worked briefly for the University until AT&T recruited me.  For about a dozen years—some in Birmingham, AL and others in Atlanta, GA—I learned my craft managing bus-to-bus direct marketing, business and corporate/financial advertising, and PR. I also attended AT&T’s PR management program—one of the most respected business programs in the US at that time.

I left Ma Bell for another telecommunications company; they were purchased three years later. I was offered a job in Dallas, but I chose a great severance package and walked away.  A few years with a capital medical equipment company, Dornier Medical Systems, helped me gain considerable corporate communications skills at an international level. I also directed the HR function at this 250-employee company for two years (long story, not pretty, but wow did I learn a lot!).

In 1995 I left corporate life, moving to Asheville, NC, my mountain home. Mars Hill College hired me as public affairs director for several years. I also spent two years with Lark Books as director of marketing. When Lark was purchased I was laid off, and it was the perfect time to launch my own business as a strategic marketing consultant.

More than a decade later, I still love being a solopreneur, the clients I have, and the work I do.

I have a great time hiking with my husband Peter and our crazy black lab Dulcinea. I also love being with my horses, whether it’s grooming, watching, or riding trails at Biltmore. Being outside reminds me to appreciate what is, to stay in the moment, to be grateful.

Spending time with family and friends, reading, helping others, and giving back also brings me immeasurable joy.