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Melissa Stanz
Good sense is both the first principal and the parent source of good writing. Horace

Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Writing comes easily to me; it always has. I thank my mom for teaching me to love words.  

Good content inspires and educates. It can also promote a product or service. Regardless of the objective, all my content tells a story, because stories engage, teach, and connect us.

Promotional Writing

This is writing that sells something. It does that by arousing curiosity, creating awareness and interest. Examples include brochures, ads, website content, video scripts, direct mail, newsletters, catalogs, and manuals. 

Creating a marketing communications tool begins with, big surprise, planning. I ask a lot of questions, tapping into your extensive knowledge of your products and/or services. I listen closely and ask more questions. After this discovery session I provide a summary of key points. Then I begin writing content that focuses on benefits in easy-to-understand terms.

Some examples of my promotional writing include:

And of course, the content you are reading now!

Feature Writing

This is writing that informs, educates and inspires. I love writing these stories because I get to dig deep, interview fascinating people, and learn new things. I write articles for local, regional and national publications-newspapers, print magazines, online publications, and an occasional video or TV piece. 

Here are two samples, a UNC Asheville Alumni magazine article and a feature story from Capital at Play.