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Melissa Stanz
If you don't tell your story, someone else will. Unknown

Public Relations

I write press releases about new products, services, business changes, special events, and other topics…things people need to know about your business.

PR services help generate awareness without the use of paid advertising. I work with clients to receive the publicity they deserve, helping them get media attention and coverage. This work is not for the faint of heart; it takes persistence, follow through, and a knack for recognizing angles and good story ideas. 

It also requires the ability to connect with journalists and their editors so they know they can count on you to deliver an idea or article that’s meaningful to their readers or viewers.

I also ghost write articles for those of you who have great stories to tell, but don’t really know how to tell them. You are the author. I write as much or as little as you need; then I help you figure out what publications to target for your story.

I have provided these services for Fortune 100 companies, international conglomerates, and non profits in several different industries for more than two decades. I adore doing this work today for clients who have great newsworthy stories to tell.

I’m happy to share some samples with you, contact me ok?