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Melissa Stanz
If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable. Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Strategic Marketing

Most of us are so busy keeping our business or organization moving forward that we don’t spend much time planning. And yet, if you don’t plan, how do you know you are on track? How do you know if you have accomplished your goals? 

Strategic market planning falls into a quadrant that Stephen Covey calls important, but not urgent. But without a plan you may find yourself overwhelmed with “urgent” issues that didn’t need to be urgent. It’s hard work to define your unique vision, mission, and core values, but once they are crystal clear, everything changes. 

You use them to provide direction and to tell everyone who you are and what you believe. With these principles well defined, identifying target markets, marketing strategies, and product/service benefits becomes much simpler.

I facilitate an interactive strategic market planning process in a group setting.  The session includes brainstorming ideas, getting clear, and getting organized. Then I take all the information, synthesize and organize it, and craft a document you use to improve your revenues and your image. The key is USING the document, and I help you do just that. 

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